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documentation design and development services—

assume your company just deployed a new database.  your employees have taken the training and now they can actually learn how to use the program in their work.  how much productive time will be wasted learning on the job? research states that should a user need to refer to support documentation, he or she will spend approximately one minute looking for the information needed. if the information is not found within this time period, the user will put down the manual and call the technical support desk or ask for assistance from a co-worker. and, will probably not refer to the manual again.

cpt t&d developers use a proven structured writing methodology to create documentation and reference that enables readers to readily identify and access the information needed to support a given task or to make appropriate decisions. cpt t&d can help you kick-off your new processes and procedures with success as measured by the people who need to perform them.  cpt t&d will design and develop documentation in the shortest possible time using our proven writing methodology and graphics design.

the key to developing effective documentation is to focus on the needs of the user.  when the documentation support is at its best - user performance is at its best. 

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documentation support services that cpt t&d provides include:

  • technical reference
  • policy and procedure manuals
  • user guides
  • product knowledge guides
  • human resources manuals
  • software system support
  • job aids
  • training manuals

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more information—

for more information, e–mail information@centerpt.com

or phone the cpt t&d administrative office at—
voice: (480) 948–3100
fax: (309) 273-6964

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