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training design and development services—

outsourcing training projects that require the most effective design and delivery strategies may seem too risky.  on the contrary, outsourcing projects with the tightest timelines, highest visibility and return-on-investment potential is the best thing you can do.  our sole business motivation is to perform this function at its highest level so you, the customer, are totally satisfied and will ask us to return to help with other projects. 

the myth that all you need for good training is a technical expert to teach the course costs your organization money and productivity.  effective training requires more than subject matter expertise and presentation skills. sound instructional strategies and training design are needed to develop a systematic training program and to teach skills effectively.  this is especially true if your organization is faced with the need to train many people quickly and cost–effectively or to re–train due to new technologies, merger or acquisition, or down–sizing—all on tight training deadlines.

cpt training & development is uniquely positioned to assist organizations with their training needs.  we construct training programs incorporating the proven instructional systems design (isd) methodology. we work directly with subject matter experts to establish learning objectives and then develop training directly tied to those objectives, so that the training becomes "criterion–referenced."

traditional stand–up training approaches often leave learners without a solid base for applying what they've seen in training back on the job. cpt t&d's reference–based training™ ensures that learners have the ongoing support they need to reach criterion levels of performance. 

please call or write us to arrange to see and hear more about why the decision to outsource is often times the best one.

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training support services that cpt t&d provides include:

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curriculum analysis & design

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needs assessment & process analysis

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project management

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online help and performance support

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computer-based and web–based training

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reference–based training—

heard this one before?
"i covered that procedure in training, but students keep calling and asking again how to do it!"

what's the answer? reference–based training™ from cpt t&d solidly locks training to the reference material or tools people will be using on-the-job.

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online help, web-based training and performance support—

if the knowledge and skills your employees need to learn is changing frequently, or if you have a large population of employees at numerous geographical sites that need training in a short time, you need to consider using online help and web-based training.

on–line help and performance support tools from cpt t&d can support tasks, process management functions, and other organizational activities.  such support tools can enhance training or work effectively as independent tools to provide support–on–demand that the user can control.

although normally delivered via internet/intranet, these tools can be delivered by cd or loaded onto a users' pcs.

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more information—

for more information, e–mail information@centerpt.com

or phone the cpt t&d administrative office at—
voice: (480) 948–3100
fax: (309) 273-6964

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