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web–based training—

cpt training & development can engineer reference and training storage and delivery systems that take full advantage of the corporate intranet.  and, we do it at a fraction of the cost the competition charges. how can we do that? please call us and arrange for a short demonstration.

we consider the web to be a special instructional medium and recognize that not all training is appropriate for delivery via the web—the web is one of many instructional media available. when the web is an appropriate choice, we employ instructional methods that are compatible with that delivery medium.  most importantly, we help you in creating "marketing" strategies and employee incentives to help motivate your target audience.

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web–driven performance!

what web–based instructional and training strategies are really about is using the incredible power of the internet/intranet in very specific ways to drive organizational and human performance. cpt t&d can design and host web sites that harness that power and provide a state–of–the–art delivery platform for your instruction and informational needs.

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development strategy—

in addition to traditional training strategies, prior to and during development of web–based training, attention is paid to:

  • front end analysis (needs assessment),
  • audience analysis and topic development,
  • laying out production paths,
  • navigation strategies,
  • link strategies,
  • search strategies,
  • page layout,
  • video and audio support,
  • creating templates,
  • prototyping,
  • piloting and revisions, and
  • planning for the evaluation.

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more information—

for more information, e–mail information@centerpt.com

or phone the cpt t&d administrative office at—
voice: (480) 948–3100
fax: (309) 273-6964

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